Wellness Coaching

Having VHL is stressful, whether you are a patient, family member or friends. This is true whether you are just diagnosed or have been living with it for years. We all need techniques to make our load a little lighter.

VHLA’s Wellness Coaching program will give you the tools and techniques that will reduce stress, create ease, boost resilience and help increase the feeling of control.


The program includes:
11 modules of the VHL Wellness Coaching program includes videos and practical tools to use along with supplemental learning suggestions if you want to dive a bit deeper.


In addition, you get four coaching sessions with a certified coach, who is very experienced in working with VHL patients and caregivers, and is also a patient and caregiver herself, to support you and whatever you might be struggling with.


Time Commitment:
11 modules online program Approximately 45-60 min for each session to listen/watch the recording and work through tools (does not have to be all at once)


Included in each session:
-Short video components on a different topic of wellbeing
-Wide variety of practical research based techniques that provide
-Supplemental material including extra videos and suggested books

Questions about the Wellness Coaching Program? Please contact us at: [email protected]