Tumor Board

Join us for our Monthly Virtual Tumor Board!

*Please note that the Tumor Board is open to medical professionals only.*


Please join us for our monthly VHL Virtual Tumor Board! The virtual Tumor Board will be made up of VHL experts from all over the world, who are actively involved in VHL research and the care of VHL patients. The goals are to provide expert feedback and insight to doctors treating VHL patients, particularly with regard to the newly approved drug, Welireg (Belzutifan), as well as to share their wealth of expertise and experience in treating VHL patients.


The next Virtual Tumor Board will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd at 6pm ET via Zoom. The meeting will include three cases. Each presenter will present their case using PowerPoint slides, after which there will be a group discussion about the case.


If you are interested in presenting a case, please submit a brief summary, including only relevant case details, and presentation slides to Josh ([email protected]) by Wednesday, May 15th.


We think this will be a powerful mechanism for collaboration in the VHL community and will be of immense value to VHL patients, especially those with complex cases. Please let us know if you are interested in joining as an observer, or would like to present a case at the meeting.


Thank you for your interest!